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The Problems

by Dixon Law Office

Some Christians have said, "this accident was no accident, it was God's will."  That is almost always followed by "you should not sue because it was God's will in the first place."

We respect a person's right to decide what to do when a wrong is committed.  However, to say that you should never do anything when a problem occurs ignores countless scriptures and one of the basic principles of the Bible, justice.

The David and Goliath story provides a good example.  Goliath was a big, nine-foot problem. He said things and did things that God did not like.  But an entire nation, God's people, was afraid of him.  David arrived on scene and saw that something larger was in play.  He saw that evil was winning.  He decided to challenge that evil with good.  He fought the fight and won.

At Dixon Law Office, we believe there are times when you must stand and fight.  A wrong is too great, a hurt too deep, a problem too large to ignore.  In those times, we are called to stand and fight.

If it is time for you to fight a problem, call us at Dixon Law Office.  We are attorneys making it right.  Call us and we will make it right for you.