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Doing Right – Beatitudes Part 8

by Dixon Law Office

The most famous sermon of Jesus is almost surely the Sermon on the Mount.  In a series of do' and don'ts, Jesus relays messages about life and how to live.  In this series of blog posts, we are reviewing these beatitudes as they relate to personal injury law and the victims of wrongful conduct of others.  Today's verse is Matthew 5:10 in which Jesus says,

"God blesses those are persecuted for doing right; For the kingdom of Heaven is theirs." Matthew 5:10 (NLT)scales justice

When victims come to Dixon Law Office, nearly every person says they have two reasons for pursuing the claim.  One reason is to get reimbursed for what was taken away, medical bills, lost wages, and other losses.  But an equally important reason is to prevent this person, group or company from doing the wrong again.  In almost every case, the victim wants to be sure others don't suffer the same terrible fate they have endured.  They are doing right.

Often, when people are injured through the fault of another, many people suggest they are accused of being "the problem."  They are sometimes told to "just get over it."  In extreme cases, they are followed, videotaped (stalked), even fired from their jobs.  They are persecuted, directly or indirectly, for doing right.

At Dixon Law Office, we have spent our careers fighting for those people.  Whether it is a worker's compensation claim, a medical malpractice suit, slip and fall, car accident, or any other type of injury claim, we help those people get the justice they deserve.

If you or a loved one need an aggressive, tough lawyer to be on their side, call us today.  We are Attorneys Making It Right.