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by Dixon Law Office

Some of the most judgmental people can be people of faith.  It seems a faith in God can cause someone to become narrow in their perspective about others.

At Dixon Law Office, we see this often with injury victims.  Clients who suffer traumatic brain injuries, for example, are often judged as fakers because they "look fine."  Other times, people say the injury is not "that bad."  Even some doctors make light of injuries, even referring the victim to "work hardening" or telling them to just "get over" the pain and problems.

Those people never see the whole story.  We have seen the pain and agony endured by thousands of clients.  We have sat in their living rooms while they sit in pain after surgery.  We have stood at hospital beds while the client writhes in pain.  We have attended more funerals than we can count for the families of men and women killed by the fault of others.

Seeing this loss gives us great perspective on the real cost of injuries.  We know that what we can see is rarely the whole story.  More often than not, the simple things are the hardest.  Watching a man who has lost a hand learn to tie his shoes is agonizing.  Seeing a woman try and brush her beautiful long hair after neck surgery is hard to watch because you can see her pain.  Hugging a mother who lost her son due to the recklessness of a drunk driver is more than anyone should endure.

We do what we do for those people.  We help them in their desperate times.  We step in, work with them, and help as much as we can.  Sometimes that is simply a kind word.  Other times it is hundreds of hours of professional time.  But we will never, ever take your claim or injuries lightly.  Our perspective is, we are here to help you and if we can, we will make it right.