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It Was God’s Will

by Dixon Law Office

"It was God's will that it happened."  I have heard that statement countless times by people trying to console someone who just lost a loved one in an accident.  It is often followed by, "he's in a better place now."  These declarations are meant to help but in most cases the suffering family is left wondering.

While we do not question that God is in charge of all things, such well-intentioned statements are not helpful.  Families want answers to why it happened.  They usually need practical help, spiritual, financial, emotional support.  Scriptures can help give Christians comfort for sure.  But getting to the "why" often requires professional help.

That's where Dixon Law Office often comes in.  God is in charge but often people do bad things.   In a caring and compassionate way we search for and discover the truth. We then use the legal system to help the family cope with the financial harm caused by the wrongful conduct.  But most often, we give the family something more important, we answer the "why" question.

If your loved one has been killed in a car accident, work accident, or died in a way you just don't understand, call Dixon Law Office at 888-354-9880.  We can help get the answers you seek.  We can make things right.  After all, we are Attorneys Making It Right.  Call or click right now.