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by Dixon Law Office

Three letters you never want to hear, ICU.  Your loved one has been involved in an accident and now is in the Intensive Care Unit, ICU.  Her injuries are serious and life-threatening.

In times like this, it seems life stands still.  Moments seem to take hours.  As your loved one lays motionless in bed all you hear are beeps, bells and buzzers.  Strangers are caring for him because he can no longer do anything.  You want to see him open his eye.  You want to hear him talk.  You want to see him smile.  There are tubes and wires, bandages and blankets.

Text messages are sent and emails exchanged.  As word spreads, family and friends gather.    People arrive with tears in their eyes.  Hugs happen often.  Prayers are prayed and words of encouragement are spoken.  Hope is summoned.

Questions are asked.  "How did this happen?"  The other person was wrong.  Maybe they crossed the centerline.  Maybe they were drunk.  Maybe they ran a red light.  Did they turn in front of his car?  That truck never stopped. Whatever it was, you naturally want answers.

Then the unthinkable happens.  The other guy's insurance company calls.  They want answers, from you!  They are denying it is their fault.  They are looking for your loved one to talk to him!  As he lay lifeless in bed because their driver screwed up, they are trying to talk to your loved one!  "Unbelievable" is all you can think.

At times like this, you don't even know what questions to ask.  You don't know who to call.  At times like this, you need someone you can trust.  At Dixon Law Office, our team has spent countless hours in emergency rooms and ICU's.  We have helped families navigate these terrible times.  We stop the insurance company calls.  We prevent their investigators from speaking to you and your family.  But most important, we are a resource to our clients.  We walk alongside our clients in these difficult moments so they can be with their loved one.

If your loved one has been seriously injured in an accident and you are looking for someone to trust, call Dixon Law Office at 888-354-9880 or click  We can help your and your family 24×7.  Call or click today because when everything goes wrong, we make it right.