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Should Christians Sue When Wronged?

by Dixon Law Office

Many people of strong faith believe that using litigation, law suits and the court system in general, is wrong. Christians have many reasons for this belief but it is often tied to a reading of 1 Corinthians 6:1-8 where Saint Paul discusses litigation.

Any review of the text must understand the times Paul was speaking from. Paul’s context of the day was a corrupt and dishonest system of justice that was skewed to benefit the rich and powerful. And while many would argue it is still the same today, the reality is that the US court system is very honest and balanced in the vast majority of cases.

Paul himself used the Court system many times both before his conversion (to stone Stephen for example) and after (to stop his illegal prosecution for example). Therefore, Paul certainly could not have meant ALL litigation was wrong.

But aren’t Christians supposed to forgive no matter what? Certainly NOT! The Bible records that Jesus himself condemned people for their hard-heartedness or failure to turn from sin (see Matthew 23). There are times where grace is important but there are times where grace must end and a person of faith must stand for what they believe.

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